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Entrepreneurial Development Foundation

(Founded in 1999, Lebanese Registered Charity No.72/AD)

(Founded in 1999, Lebanese Registered Charity No.72/AD) The Entrepreneurial Development Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that promotes entrepreneurship among the less privileged in Lebanon’s rural areas and needy neighborhoods of big cities. The EDF’s objective is to assist in the improvement of the county’s overall socio-economic well-being by providing its beneficiaries with:   Business Training Program to develop and instill practical…

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Meet our Board of Trustees

Mr. Nabil G. Sawabini

In September 2004, Nabil Sawabini founded and became Chairman and CEO of MENA Capital SAL. In 1996, he founded and became President and CEO of Middle East Capital Group (MECG), a regional Investment and Merchant Banking…
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