Back on the map project launched under the Livelihoods and Inclusive Finance Expansion (LIFE) Funded by USAID and implemented by EDF (Entrepreneurial Development Foundation).

Through this project, our principle objective was to support entrepreneurs evolve into business leaders and improve economic opportunities of marginalized low-income microenterprises especially those lead by women.

As this objective and during the four cycles of the project, EDF was able to implement training workshops in 12 different places for 12 different groups of beneficiaries, with a total number of 360 beneficiaries out of a total of 300 with 20 % over target and we still have pending interested trainees in the South and in the Bekaa.

The Participation of women was impressive, 56% in Bekaa and 50% in south. Participants were totally committed to the training and showed enthusiasm while participating in the training sessions and activities. Many groups are still pending in the south and the Bekaa.


  • 161 beneficiaries (54%) of the attendees informed us that their revenue was increased directly after the training.

  • 13 beneficiaries (4.3%) moved from home to a shop or for another big shop with more exposure.

  • 14 beneficiaries create 19 (7%) new jobs opportunities

  • 15 with disability participated to the training and four of them benefited from in kind grants.

As usual, we got supported by many NGOs and Communities as:Saida Municipality, Michel Daher Social Foundation, Clac – Kaa, Culture Club – Tyre, Montada El Mokaadine – Zahle,  Ain Ebel Municipality, Ghaze Municipality, Mount Hermon Municipality Federation, Kousaibe Municipality, Development Cooperation of Jezzine.

In-Kind Grants

We distributed the In Kind Grants with an amount of USD 150,000 and  a total number of 115 Beneficiaries out of a total of 100 with 15% over target.