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The Dareb project, funded by The Asfari Foundation, was created through collaboration between the Entrepreneurial Development Foundation, YMCA, Makesense Lebanon, and ADIE. The aim was to kick start a sustainable ecosystem in Lebanon in order to offer solutions to the challenges faced by the young entrepreneurs, building on the ACSI. The target was young Syrians and Lebanese in the Bekaa that have the willingness to create businesses by providing access to a comprehensive and sustainable ecosystem that underpins entrepreneurship through qualitative training, community support, and access to the market. This program focuses on the community and the ecosystem around the entrepreneurs, involving all the local actors (volunteer coaches, municipalities, banks and Micro-Finance Institutions, trainers, existing entrepreneurs, etc).

Through community building, entrepreneurial group training, and individual mentoring sessions aimed at guiding micro-entrepreneurs in the preparation of files to be submitted to financing institutions, we hope to pave the way for a sustainable and comprehensive ecosystem of social innovation support.


  • Set the necessary conditions for young entrepreneurs of the area to decide not to leave their region

  • Break the cycle of youth unemployment and encourage the development of a local community of young local entrepreneurs that are supported by a diversified range of locally active NGOs and institutions.

Thanks to the successful implementation of the project, the efforts, resources, and technical competencies of the four partnering organizations will be shared to reinforce each other thus contributing significantly to reinforcing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bekaa Valley. Furthermore, the combination of individual coaching through local volunteers, group training for existing entrepreneurs, and networking events will strengthen existing young entrepreneurs and improve their skills, allowing them to further develop their businesses in the area and make them sustainable over time.


EDF conducted trainings for 4 groups of 40 young entrepreneurs in Central of Bekaa in Montada el Moka’adine, Majdel Anjar and Deir el Ghazal Municipalities.

During this training EDF invited an MFI to explain about their services and the conditions for obtaining a loan

EDF Alumni to listen to the trainees’ projects and give them advice through their experience and expertise in managing small businesses and overcoming crises,

and the President of the Association of Industrialists in Bekaa to open new horizons for them by linking them to broad markets to increase their production, especially in everything related to food products.