Our aim is to help the society grow by nourishing businesses, empowering entrepreneurs is what keeps us ahead and standing still.

We would to see you grow and help you through out the way.


Required documents for registration

  1. Copy if ID or extract civil status.
  2. Proof of address from local Moukhtar.
  3. Proof of income.


  1. Lebanese nationality.
  2. Age Between 21 & 60.
  3. Sound business proposal.
  4. Good business reputation.

Procedure to get a Loan from EDF

  1. Initial application to EDF Local Field officer.
  2. Revision of the business proposal with EDF Area supper Visor.
  3. Approval of the EDF Credit committee.
  4. Final approval of the bank.
  5. Signing of contract at any branch of the bank.