Contact Info
Mrs. Afaf Nehme
Member - عضو
  • Executive Director of the Entrepreneurial Development Foundation
  • Have over 25 years’ experience in NGOs management and extensively specialized in grants management, microfinance, capacity building and vocational training for MSMEs, SMEs and startups with focus on women and youth on the National and the European scene.
  • Deft in acting as a Consultant for Capacity building training, Micro-Finance and SME issues, and Research & Studies for an Institute at Brussels.
  • Adept in managing operations of Micro-Finance Corporations, encompassing Financial Management of Institution, Scrutiny of Feasibility Projects, Account Adjustments, Debt Repayment Plans, Evaluation of Reports, Impact Studies, Fund Raising, Liaisons with Marketing Department, Review of Audit Reports, and Settlement of Audit Issues.
  • Characterized as a robust communicator, possessing entrepreneurial mindsets, strong community and teamwork, mental agility, flexibility towards constant changes, and ability to deliver as per directions.
  • Striving for development and success, her motto is: “if you have a dream and you have commitment and discipline, you can do it”.
  • Throughout her years of experience, She spread this motto among the less privileged areas of Lebanon with a special target on Women and Youth to enhance the individual capacity for the best of humanity.